The Summer of my Rain

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08:33am 01/08/2008
  Our days are never coming back.  
10:13am 25/06/2008
  Would I so decide that water is greater than wine  
Every goddamn day   
09:39pm 05/06/2008
  I feel sick to my stomach.  
01:50pm 25/01/2008
  I don't care that he's not dating me. Through the crap that he was handed to him, I know that was a decision he possibly would make.

Glad you saw the post, I was hoping you would.
02:46am 06/12/2007
  Here's a summary of the trip so far

Travel: Day 1(December 2)
I arrive at the airport around 5-ish. By the time I get to the baggage and check in counter, it's about 5:43. My flight was supposed to leave at 6:20, and they cut off arrivals 40 minutes before departure. In other words, I was fucked. Hadn't slept that night and was cleaning/prepping. I got a ticket for standby on the next flight. Supposed to leave at 8:15, thought hey nifty. Well, 8:00 rolls around and there is an announcement, it'll be about 15 minutes to half and hour delay, they just need to fix some emergency lights. 9:00 departure. 9:15. 9:50. 10:30. 11:20. 12:15. It goes on like this through the entire day. 6:45 rolls around and they finally at last got a plane to come in from Miami to pick up the people who were supposed to depart at 8:15 that haven't left yet. This could have happened hours ago, but instead they said there wasn't a possibility of getting another plane in.

8:30PM, I arrive in Dallas Fort Worth. Now by this point, I have no chance on getting to Mexico city since the last flight of the day is at 8:00PM. Luckily AA pays for a hotel stay and breakfast and books the next flight out in the morning.

Travel: Day 2(December 3)
I awaken early, 7AM or so to catch the flight at 9:50. The people in Dallas are incredibly friendly. And by friendly, let me make a comparison to the people I got in Orlando. In Dallas, I heard many apologies from the staff in the evening and in the morning everyone greeted me with a cheery hello and good morning, made friendly chatter wherever I went. In Orlando, all that was gotten were comments like "You're lucky to be on this flight" and "Beggars can't be choosers".
No srsly. Fail.

Anyways, I arrive in Mexico city around 12:30, meet up with Erick and pick up my baggage from the baggage office, since it was marked for the day before.

Mexico City: Day 1(December 3)
Bring bags and such to the apartment, shower sleep etc. Eventually get food later on that evening. And more sleep.
Here goes   
06:56pm 27/11/2007
  Four days to go, and I will be locationally displaced.  
03:47am 23/11/2007
  Is it alright sometimes to be afraid of who you are or who you could be?  
12:56am 30/05/2007
  "Witch, do this for me: Find me a moon made of longing. Then cut it sliver thin, and having cut it, hang it high above my beloved's house, so that she may look up tonight and see it, and seeing it, sigh for me as I sigh for her, moon or no moon."

-Christopher Carrion
To whom do you acquiesce?   
08:07am 23/09/2006
  September 23rd, 8:08AM. The time when I stopped trying to fall asleep.  
02:17am 18/08/2006
  Betrayal is the fastest way to sell your soul.

You might not even know it happened.